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Greg in Alvord, TX *****
We had Chuckwagon Cuisine Catering cater my 75th birthday celebration in Alvord, Texas. The crew that came were very personable and the BBQ we had was very tasty and enjoyed by our 52 guests. We can recommend this company to cater for you. We were very pleased, as were our guests.
Mariana in Alvord, TX *****
This was the greatest experience I could ever have! Fantastic service, amazing food . The whole experience was much more than a five . We will definitely do a Chunk Wagon party again . We got tons of complements from our guests and it made the experience so very memorable. Thank you
Geraldhib in Ulaanbaatar, Pue *****
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Jason in Houston, TX *****
Best chuck wagon experience in Texas! Great for kids and adults !
David in Asheville, NC *****
Celebrating in Dallas for the 10th anniversary of Top 10 Prom, the nation's #1 prom marketing group of retailers form across the country, you made the event delicious!
Thank you for being so easy to work with from far away. The staff was great, the food amazing and everyone went back for 2nd's (some even for 3rd's!)
The brisket received so many comments that I believe you could start a mail-order business.
Thank you again for helping make our event such a huge success.
-dave & denise
Top 10 Prom
Tom in Richardson, TX *****
This catering company did our employee ap party today. They were great, the food was perfect, the choc cake, homemade ice cream was my favorite. A good time for all, highly recomend Chuckwagon Catering

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